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Certificates presented to students at National Sport School

Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 13:19 Last update: about 17 days ago

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations, Clifton Grima presented certificates to Year 11 students during the National Sport School MQF 3 Celebrations.

The National Sport School enables student-athletes to pursue, from an early age a specialised sports training programme from year 7 to year 11. 


Throughout the five years of Secondary School, the students are presented with around 500 hours dedicated to develop their sporting talents. The school wanted to give value and acknowledgment to all these hours of training. Therefore two programmes have been concluded and accredited at level MQF 2 and Level MQF 3 of the Malta Qualifications Framework. Programme 1 is the Foundations in Sports Specific (MQF 2) and programme 2 is the Progressive Sports Specific (MQF 3).

Both programmes are outcome based and target specific knowledge, skills and competencies that the student-athletes are expected to attain at the end of the programmes, the Education Ministry said.

The National Sport School has a fundamental role in developing determined and successful student-athletes who will eventually do our country proud by competing in prestigious sport events while giving their best services to the Maltese society as professionals working in different fields”, Education Minister Owen Bonnici said. 

“As a Government we are committed to provide our students with a vast educational knowledge whether it be academically or sports related. Through this programme, students are encouraged to pursue and invest in their sporting skills”, he added. 

“The Ministry’s aim is to encourage a good balance between academics and sports in order for students to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the aid of this programme, students are given the opportunity to explore sports related careers, which can open up future opportunities both locally and internationally”, he said.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and voluntary organisations Clifton Grima meanwhile highlighted the importance of holistic development of youths. Thus, he stated that we have to ensure that they are provided with the necessary tools to continue developing in their sports discipline to keep on attaining results for our country.

Lastly Grima thanked all students for their work and pointed out the fact that when they represent Malta abroad, they will be acting as Maltese embassadors.

Head of School, Robert Magro said that “
the aim and mission of The National Sport School is to help students excel in sports and achieve academic excellence. It is our main priority to make sure that our students are taught holistically and that their full potential is reached. We strive to provide the very best.” 

“For this reason, all opportunities that help students grow in both sports and academics, locally, as well as overseas, are exploited fully and positively. These occasions bring out the best in our students, making them more assertive and competitive while retaining their efforts for fair play. It is also our goal to train students to be grateful. They should appreciate the great efforts made by their parents, teachers, carers and the educational system as a whole. We believe that the ability to show respect, being morally strong and just while giving your complete utmost are the basis to having a strong-willed individual.

This certificate has the same value as a University of Malta  Matriculation certificate and the student-athletes can present this certificate to apply for post secondary schools.


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