The Malta Independent 15 August 2020, Saturday

Mass events: MEA appeals for a suspension of industrial action

Saturday, 1 August 2020, 07:38 Last update: about 14 days ago

The Malta Employers’ Association expressed its satisfaction that common sense has prevailed and that mass events will not be taking place this summer.

It augured that the number of covid cases will decline in the coming weeks, to the benefit of the Maltese and towards making Malta a safe travel destination for tourists seeking a quality holiday.

In view of these developments, which have reduced any imminent threats to the population and the employees in the health sector, the Association appealed to the unions in the health sector to suspend their directives, and to take any grievances to the negotiating table.


The association acknowledged that striking a balance between public health and business interests is a daunting task for policy makers, who may also be faced with conflicting interests between economic sectors. However, it expressed confidence that with goodwill and proper consultation the best solutions in the national interest will be found.  

The Medical Association of Malta has given directives to come into force on Monday if mass events are not cancelled.

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