The Malta Independent 19 September 2020, Saturday

Event organisers will be fined €3,000 if they breach new regulations

Wednesday, 5 August 2020, 17:04 Last update: about 2 months ago

Event organisers will be fined €3,000 for every instance if they break the regulations pertaining to parties and mass events.

The fine is enforceable through a legal notice published on Wednesday which details the new regulations as announced by Health Minister Chris Fearne a week ago.

The legal notice is titled Organised Public Mass Events Regulations, 2020 and fits under the umbrella of the Public Health Act.


It lists the measures which any organised public mass event must adhere to, and states that the “maximum capacity of attendees shall not exceed one (1) person per four (4) square metres of the space where any given public mass event is to be organised”, and that “attendees may gather in groups not exceeding ten (10) persons, with a two (2) metres distance to be retained between one group of ten (10) persons and another.”

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Furthermore, the legal notice states that “provided  that  for  any  organised  public  mass  event exceeding the capacity of one hundred (100) attendees, a prescribed risk assessment form shall be submitted by the event organiser with the Malta  Tourism  Authority  and  such  event  shall  only  be  organised following  the  approval  of  the  risk  assessment  form  by  the  Malta Tourism Authority.”

“Any event organiser who fails to abide by the provisions of these regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to the payment of a penalty of three thousand euro (€3,000) for each and every instance in which these regulations are breached”, the legal notice states.

The legal notice is a reflection of measures announced last week by Fearne and come as Malta goes through a renewed cycle of Covid-19 cases.

As of Wednesday, Malta had 249 active cases of the virus, although over 100 are migrants rescued in the Mediterranean who have been isolated since being disembarked and hence have no bearing on local transmission of the virus.

Statistician Vincent Marmara told The Malta Independent that the reproduction number for the virus currently stands at 1.39, while Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci said in a question and answer session that she will be worried if the current situation and number of cases continues as it is.

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