The Malta Independent 24 September 2020, Thursday

‘Robert Abela cannot remain arrogant, must see how he will shoulder responsibility’ – Edwin Vassallo

Thursday, 6 August 2020, 14:46 Last update: about 3 months ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela cannot keep being arrogant in the decisions he is taking and must shoulder responsibility for the repercussions his hasty decisions are having on businesses, PN MP Vassallo said on Thursday.

In a statement published by the PN, Vassallo – who is the party’s spokesperson for Strengthening of Agriculture and Fishery, Hobbies, Self Employed and Cooperatives – expressed his concern over the fact that Store owners are seeing their sales continue to decline.


“Many shop owners around Malta and Gozo have been seeing their sales decline in recent weeks”, he said.

“These days and due to the current circumstances where the number of positive COVID-19 cases is rising again, shopkeepers and small business owners as well as the self-employed are once again facing a situation where business has stalled and they are relying on vouchers, when the strength of the economy is declining and vulnerable people are continuing to follow Health Authority directives and staying at home.”

Vassallo said that in this scenario Prime Minister Robert Abela cannot remain arrogant and has to see how he will take responsibility for the hasty decisions that have been taken, possibly referring to the reopening of mass events – a controversial topic over the past weeks after Covid-19 cases spiked as a result of clusters from such events.

“The Labour Government should take the best action to ensure that shop owners and the self-employed do not end up suffering further bad repercussions during the winter season also due to these hasty decisions. Our country deserves better.”

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