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‘I hope that no one tries to stop me from bringing our hospitals back’ warns Delia

Saturday, 5 September 2020, 13:17 Last update: about 19 days ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia stated that he hopes that no one will try to stop him from giving the hospitals back to the country.

“I hope that no one, no one tries to stop me from bring back our hospitals. People have tried to stop me before, the Attorney General tried at everything, instead of sticking by me; he defended against me so that he could protect the dirty politicians.”


Delia said this during a radio interview held on Net FM, where he highlighted that once the judicial year begins (opening of the so-called forensic year) and courts will start once more he will start once more the fight to bring more information, fraud and theft of a government which has no shame.

“We have a Prime Minister back in January who had said that Vitals is important and that he will bring experts to analyse the contract and then see the next steps forward. Our Prime Minister is a lawyer like me, and he can see that every page is the same ‘we are stealing from you, we are stealing from you’, it is so clear.”

He said that everyone, not just Nationalists, but the government are fully aware of the corruption regarding the Vitals Hospital deal. “We have a finance minister who tells us he knew nothing about this deal. Minister Scicluna says that this is a false contract; we pay him to make sure this does not happen, and it happens. He does nothing, but he remains in our parliament. No responsibility is taken.”

He said that once court starts again, he will ask and demand for information to bring the hospitals back to the Maltese and Gozitans.

“I have been visiting families these past few days, and one pensioner began speaking to me how the pension he receives is not enough and how it is worrying. He told me what about the millions spent on Vitals? So, all that money being put towards Vitals could instead have been invested in our pensioners. Our elderly deserve a better quality of life and deserve a better pension.” He said that he is not just fighting to get the hospitals back but for the public to live a better life.

When asked regarding the recent revelations during the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry, Delia said that he was shocked that Konrad Mizzi had told the permanent secretary to ‘look me in the eyes and say I’m not involved’. “How can it be no one knew what Mizzi was doing? No one checked the documents he was signing? Do we not have a government who claims they carry collective responsibility?”

During the inquiry it was also discovered that Konrad Mizzi arranged for Enemalta to absorb €5 million in excise tax owed by Electrogas. “All this is affecting our country. This deal is stealing from the population, the corrupt steal and we pay. I see so many families living not even on the minimum wage and not able to afford a decent living; there are students who have loans to pay off and are not sure of what their future will bring.”

People are scared in their homes because of construction work

“There are people in their houses right now who cannot enjoy it because of the construction work and are afraid that something might happen,” said Delia, when asked to comment on the six month anniversary of the passing of Miriam Pace.

Miriam Pace lost her life after her home collapsed in March, and her husband commented that his wife’s death “meant nothing”. Delia said that six months later and the government has done nothing. “Could you imagine, you lose your home, your wife, your mother and the government does nothing? We are trying to see who was responsible of this tragedy and nothing has come out of all this.”

Delia commented that one of the priorities of the government is to ensure that there is stronger enforcement and stronger regulations of construction work and to ensure that no one is left abandoned.

Delia also once again repeated on the issue of ghettos being developed in Malta and that if anyone was to say that ghettos do not exist are ‘laughing at us’. “Go to Marsa, St Paul’s Bay, Floriana or Hamrun and see what there is. See how families do not want to let their children out to play and how no one feels safe. We need a safe country.” Delia noted that criminality has increased and that there are even criminals who are protected by Police Commissioner. “Let us fight against this form of criminality; do we want this for our future?”

Delia also commented on the recent new PBS board which highlights that Prime Minister Abela wants to control the media and have the ‘old labour socialist system.’

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