The Malta Independent 22 October 2020, Thursday

Delia still owes more than €60,000 in taxes; amount unpaid due to unresolved legal issues

Saturday, 19 September 2020, 16:12 Last update: about 2 months ago

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has confirmed that the total amount he still had over €60,000 in taxes which must be paid, although he noted that this is down to a legal issue and not a financial one.

Delia confirmed this figure during a meeting held with journalists, where he presented the PN’s due diligence report into him and his leadership contender Bernard Grech, along with other documentation, and opened the floor for any questions.


He said that the amount that he had to pay to the tax department over the past five years is of €280,154, of which he still has to pay €63,763.

“The reason that this amount is yet to be paid is because there is a legal situation, and not a financial issue. It would be a very sad day if someone who goes through a separation proceeding is unable to serve their country”, Delia said.

Earlier this week, the Nationalist Party published the due diligence report into Delia and Grech which showed that incumbent Delia had declared that he still had a material tax balance due.

Delia explained to journalists that there have been changes to the way he filed taxes due to the breakdown of his marriage in 2018, which is why he still has taxes to pay.

The due diligence report dedicates 26 pages to Delia and only two to his leadership contender, but Delia explained this is only the case due to the fact that Grech, unlike him, is a ‘new’ face to politics.

“Today’s exercise is to give journalists and the people the ability to ask me more questions about the report; I wish to be at transparent as possible. I did a similar exercise when I started my journey as a politician as I wanted to be as transparent with the people as possible. Three years ago, I presented an audit, and three years later here I am doing the same thing.”

When asked what happened to €200,000 in shares which he sold in 2018, Delia said that the amount was never paid directly to him but was used to settle ongoing payments he had.

When asked what would happen if he were to lose the leadership race, Delia said that he would accept any role within the party and would be ready to serve the party and the country.

“I will always be there for the Nationalist Party, now and in the future. I will always be ready to work for my country, now and in the future. My personal life did not benefit greatly from being a leader, but I will continue to give my all for the party.”

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