The Malta Independent 22 October 2020, Thursday

I would have done everything differently from the Prime Minister in handling the pandemic - Delia

Giulia Magri Saturday, 19 September 2020, 13:15 Last update: about 2 months ago

I would have done everything differently from our Prime Minister Robert Abela when it comes to the way the pandemic was dealt with, said Opposition leader Adrian Delia.

“I would have done something to begin with; our Prime Minister Robert Abela did nothing (…) it would have been better if he did nothing, because then all we would have heard is the voice of Health Minister Chris Fearne who did everything.”


Delia was criticising the way the Prime Minister tackled the pandemic during an interview conducted by TVM journalist Liam Carter on Saturday.

“We must remember that our Abela is a doctor because he is a lawyer and not a doctor of medicine; but he portrayed the idea that we have won the pandemic and that the waves are in the sea. When in reality he was lying to the people, because when there are conditions that could lead to death, you are lying when you say that there is no second wave.”

He said that if Chris Fearne was his own Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, he would simply listen to him. He said that he would listen to the experts, and would have left the pandemic in the hands of Fearne and Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci. “It is as simple as that, I would not have lied or laughed at the people.”

When asked regarding the re-opening of schools, a recent hot debate, he explained that he would want to open schools if there is a guarantee that schools are a safe place for children and that there is an alternative of online learning if necessary. “The government has no clear alternative and no guarantee that the school is a safe place for our children. Many parents, teachers and students are confused with the mixture of information that there is. There is also no clear indication that there is an alternative, and good online remote learning for our students.”

Earlier this week the Nationalist Party published the Due Diligence Report of both Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech. When asked regarding the allegations concerning Delia’s ties to Yorgen Fenech, Delia had offered the journalist to read his messages between himself and Fenech, to show that there were few messages between the two and nothing in regards to offering money.

“I wanted the due diligence to happen, even before I became leader or entered the Nationalist Party and I will allow all journalists to ask me the questions they wish to on the report itself.”

He explained that there are no inquires against him and that there are constant rumours against him regarding such inquires and the amount he owns the tax department. He said that he does has tax balances to pay. He explained that due to his marriage separation, there was one year where he had problems declaring his taxes, which increased his charges. “I can show you that every single year, the taxes of five year, that the biggest part of them is paid apart from that particular year.”

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