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In future, let us celebrate independence by not remaining dependent on corruption - Delia

Giulia Magri Monday, 21 September 2020, 11:29 Last update: about 30 days ago

We must celebrate Independence Day by focusing on how we want Malta to mature in the future, and that means by not remaining dependent on corruption, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said on Monday.

“In the years to come, let us celebrate independence by not remaining dependent on fossil fuels for means of transport which pollute the country, and therefore kill Maltese and Gozitans. Let us not remain dependent on corruption; just because we do not have a corrupt government it does not mean that we cannot continue to grow.”


Adrian Delia said this during a video message on Independence Day. On Monday, the Maltese Islands celebrate the day the country gained independence from the United Kingdom.

“What does Independence Day mean to us? We remember the birth of a nation; in 1964 we George Borg Oliver believed that as a nation we could stand independently, we did not have to depend on the Queen or the United Kingdom anymore.”

He said that today the world and the country is facing a difficult period, both due to the pandemic and what has happened in the past few years in Malta.

“From a country which gained independence, it was slowly building from its birth, it also managed to become part of the European Union and compete in an international market. In the past few years, the reputation we built was destroyed, and the excellent criteria we had abroad meant nothing, with the Labour Government destroying the reputation we built.”

Delia also commented on the way the Labour Government handled the pandemic, saying that in the first wave, the government listened to experts and Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci, but that today Prime Minister Robert Abela denies that there is a second wave and that there are no problems. “We all know that there are problems, problems which our elderly and unemployed are facing.”

He said that what has been gained after becoming independent is being lost, such as the hospitals of the Maltese and Gozitans, “which have been stolen from us, because there were Maltese and Gozitans, like us, who abused us and who decided to give our hospitals away” – a reference to the Vitals Global Healthcare concession, where three state hospitals were sold to a private consortium.

Malta is a country which is maturing and developing, Delia said before noting that Malta cannot continue maturing with tribal politics. “We cannot have politicians that point their fingers and say you are wrong and I am right; instead we need to develop as a country not just to celebrate Independence Day today, but how Malta has to develop tomorrow.”

He said that Malta cannot remain dependent on fossil fuels, corruption and other issues which hold back the country from maturing.

“So what should we be dependent on? We need to focus on innovative work, on local talent, on friendships, politics which have helped develop our country through our local resources. We have to invest in our education, we have to invest in those who will run the country in the future. We have to transform our country completely.”

He said that Malta should stop investing in criminals and dirty money, and instead should invest in the good in the country.

“I believe that together we can create a good and clean economy and government; I believe in the capability together. I believe in the youths, who are not our tomorrow but our today. I believe that there are clean and good politicians. I believe in our businesses; that they can grow and not be corrupt or ask for dirty favours. I believe that if we come together and love our country, we are capable of truly celebrating our independence and our sovereignty together.”


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