The Malta Independent 15 April 2021, Thursday

Rent reform 'a responsible and courageous step' - ADPD

Sunday, 28 February 2021, 15:44 Last update: about 3 months ago

Government's proposal to carry out a root and branch reform of the remaining pre-1995 tenancies is "a responsible and courageous political move," ADPD said in a statement.

"This government is shouldering the shortcomings of all its predecessors, which ignored the matter over the years," ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo when commenting on the proposal announced yesterday by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Greens in Malta, added Carmel Cacopardo, have over the years actively campaigned on this specific issue.


"The proposals put forward by government are acceptable in principle. However, it is expected that when government publishes its detailed legislative proposals these are accompanied by the studies carried out which substantiate the proposals made. We await a healthy public debate which is adequately buttressed by well-researched background information."

"From what has been stated so far, it is clear that the determination of rent will not be left completely to the whims of market forces as it will be capped at 2% of the property's value. This will go some way to address the fallout created as a result of the complete liberalisation of the post-1995 rental market."

"It is positive that the reform will ensure that no current tenant currently residing in properties subject to pre-1995 tenancies will end up homeless. This will be due to the fact that as a result of the proposed reform, through the taxes that we pay, the state will in most cases shoulder the revised rent due, or else the state will provide alternative accommodation."

The proposal will address an enormous social problem with a substantial financial outlay consisting of millions of Euros annually, ADPD said. "These costs have, to date, been borne by the owners of the impacted 10,000 properties for countless generations. It is just and right that the whole community, through the state, now steps forward to shoulder the problem in a spirit of national solidarity with the most vulnerable amongst us."

"It is with deep satisfaction that ADPD supports this proposal that at long last starts reasonably addressing equitably a social problem which has been practically ignored for over sixty years," concluded Cacopardo.  

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