The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

‘I feel like a body without a soul’ – Carmel Pace on anniversary of wife's death

Jake Aquilina Tuesday, 2 March 2021, 09:42 Last update: about 2 months ago

The husband of the late Miriam Pace said that his life will never be normal again, as he feels like a body without a soul, Carmel Pace said in a Facebook post.

Miriam Pace, a 54 year old mother of two, was found dead under the rubble of her own house on 2 March 2020 after her house collapsed while he was still inside. Four persons have been charged with involuntary homicide.


“A year has passed since I last spoke to you and I saw you full of life. What anniversary is that? An anniversary that instead of celebrating will end up broken again when all the events that took place on this cursed day begin to come before your eyes second by second,” Pace said in the heart wrenching Facebook post.

“A day I lost everything. I lost the tranquillity, I lost everything I worked for all my life, but most of all I lost the love of my heart. My life will never be normal again, I felt like a soulless body… Believe me I try, but every time I look at a photo of you my eyes fill with tears, even sometimes with a smile at the same time because I remember that time I took the photo of you. Sometimes I try to take on your role when needed, but this can never be… You were able to see what I had in my heart even from the look of my eyes.”

Pace said that no justice in the world will ever satisfy him, and hinted that laws are being distorted so that no one is found guilty. “You can deceive humans and turn the arguments so that the laws of this world abstain you from all guilt, so I believe in God's justice to do what you do sure to get what you truly deserve.”

In his final remarks, Pace pleaded for his wife to “continue to lead [their] children on the right path and protect them from any danger.”

“In the meantime, wait for me to see that beautiful smile of yours again and hug you with me. Love you Mir.”  

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