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Restrictions on organised sports should have been eased, PN says as they praise other relaxations

Wednesday, 7 April 2021, 15:00 Last update: about 6 days ago

Restrictions on organised sports should have been eased alongside the easing of other measures announced in the Office of the Prime Minister’s (OPM) press conference on Wednesday morning, the Nationalist Party said.

The press conference saw the easing of a number of measures – most notably the re-opening of physical schools – however sports organisations were denied the ability to resume their practice.


The announcement was received with “displeasure” by the PN, who said that “the spread of COVID among those who practice sports is minimal”.

“Thousands of persons and sports organisations have once again been denied the secure practicing of sports”, it said.

Denying organised sports is also at the expense of the physical and mental health of countless individuals.

“This is also with prejudice to the physical and mental health of whoever practices sport, both professionally and otherwise, and to the livelihoods of those employed in this important sector”, it said.

The PN also “urgently” called for more rigid screenings in ports and airports in Malta, in order to minimize the spread of the UK variants and other variants of concern.

Additionally, it insisted that anyone coming into Malta needs to be in possession of a negative Covid test, to ensure that “the sacrifices that the Maltese and Gozitans are making will not amount to nothing”.

Despite these criticisms, the PN has said that it approves of the relaxing of measures announced during today’s press conference.

“Finally, the Government is taking the advice of scientists and medical experts. It shows that it is listening to what the Nationalist Party has been speaking about for many months”, it said.

It urged the general public to respect the directives issued by the public health authorities, to ensure that restaurants, shops and other closed establishments can gradually re-open.

Prime Minister Roberta Abela announced on Wednesday that schools and educational institutes will gradually re-open from 12th April. Elective surgeries and visits to elderly care homes will also be allowed on the 12th April.

18th April will mark the commencements of masses, while 26th April will mark the opening of non-essential shops and services to the public. The two-person in public rule will also be increased to four people as of 26th April as well.

'Consistent in inconsistency' - PL 

In a statement, the Labour Party said the PN's reaction shows that the party is "consistent in inconsistency." This, it said, is something that characterises Bernard Grech's leadership.

In one statement the PN says the government should act according to scientific advice, but in another it doubts that same advice, it said.

"People know that the PN's only concrete proposal was to put the country on lockdown when the first cases emerged and leave it there for months."

On the contrary, this is a government that took decisions based on science with the aim of safeguarding the health and quality of life of our citizens, it said.

The Opposition, however, stands out for its political opportunism, the PL said.

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