The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

PN members still waiting for justice after receiving letters containing cocaine two years ago

Thursday, 8 April 2021, 16:51 Last update: about 5 days ago

The Nationalist Party has said in a statement that it is still waiting for “truth and justice to take place” two years after some of its members received mysterious letters containing cocaine.

The statement was signed by Karol Aquilina, Jason Azzopardi, Simon Busuttil and David Casa. Each of the four men individually received envelopes containing cocaine in 2019, a few weeks after Reuters and Times of Malta revealed that businessman Yorgen Fenech was the owner of offshore company 17 Black.


Upon receiving the letters, each of the four PN members informed the police about the envelopes and asked for an investigation to be opened.

Two years on, no investigation has been launched into the matter, they said.

“This frame-up confronting us as Parliamentary members of the Oppositions was, is and will enable us to continue speaking determinedly against the corruption of the Labour government of Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela”, the statement reads.

“Until this day, the authorities have not informed us about what investigations they made, what the results of these investigations were and what action will be taken against those who tried to hurt us”, it continued.

The PN said that it is no coincidence that the envelopes were sent shortly after it was revealed that Yorgen Fenech was the owner of 17 Black and “the same person who led the Electrogas power station and until today is accused with the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia”.

“We know that, in our country, there are diverse people who have the means, interests and intentions who want to vindicate themselves from us by trying to hurt us and our loved ones”, the statement says.

The undisclosed investigation is still hovering over the heads of the Aquilina, Azzopardi, Busuttil and Casa, so much so that they said they are issuing the statement to “get the attention of everyone, particularly the Maltese institutions, the danger [they] have found [themselves] in”.

The four men hope that it does not take “the attack” of one of them for the institutions to finally take action.

Despite their fears, the PN said it is determined to continue fighting against the corruption of the Labour Party and has urged all Maltese and Gozitan citizens to continue fighting for truth and justice.

The PN has taken a firm stance against the PL as of late, saying that it needs to shoulder political responsibility and apologise to the public for its history of corruption – most notably with the money laundering and corruption charges against Keith Schembri, who was granted bail by court on Monday morning.

It has stated that the PL’s corruption is tarnishing Malta’s reputation and giving both Malta and politics a bad name.

The PN, as well as ex-President Marie Louise Colerio Preca, has also called for Abela to formally issue an apology to the Maltese public, with Paula Mifsud Bonnici saying on Tuesday that, by not apologizing, Abela is “Putting all those who did wrong in a better position today”.

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