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Unsolicited commercial mail, catering establishments and cruise booths Sliema bye-laws published

Friday, 14 May 2021, 13:30 Last update: about 2 months ago

Three new Sliema bye-laws have been published. These bye-laws were proposed by the Sliema local council and approved by José Herrera as Minister responsible for Local Government.

The catering establishments bye-law comes into force on 7 June, 2021. It states that every catering establishment shall be responsible for the cleaning and clearing of any waste deposited by patrons in the outside space of their establishment. It also introduces a mandatory ash-tray for use by patrons which the catering establishment will be responsible to clean.


The cruise booths bye-law comes into force on 11th June, 2021. Booths will only be allowed 50 metres apart from each other. The council has the discretion to determine in which areas in Sliema such booths can be placed and to limit this designated area. "No booths can be kept in a state of disrepair as we can't accept shabbiness. No further promotional material can be placed around the booths taking up further space on the public promenade."

The unsolicited commercial mail bye-law came into force on 8th February, 2021. No such mail may be left outside a letterbox such as on a doorstep or in a common area of a block of apartments. The person delivering unsolicited mail must respect any sign or sticker stating that unsolicited mail must not be left in the letterbox.

Paul Radmilli who is the Sliema councillor who proposed these bye-laws pointed out that "these bye-laws are a legislative tool to address the many nuisances of our locality in particular in relation to litter as well as organising the booths taking up precious space in our limited public areas. The success of these bye-laws depends on the collaboration of all entities in our locality. We believe that coming in line with these bye-laws should be a voluntary act of civic duty as it is in everyone's interest to keep a balance between commercial interests and the use of public areas by residents and visitors."

Mayor Anthony Chircop pointed out that "the Sliema council had contributed to an inter-ministerial committee tasked with organising the booths placed on the promenade. A Cabinet memo was also approved in 2017, however the agreed set up was never implemented by Central Government. In view of this dragging of feet, council opted to solve the matter through a bye-law. The council will be in contact with all stakeholders. Ultimately if these bye-laws are not respected there is the possibility to issue fines through the wardens. The council has proposed another three bye-laws which are still to be approved, on advertising vehicles permanently parked in Sliema, commercial activities in public areas and a third one on untied garbage bags."

The Council thanks the lawyers in the legal office of the Local Government Division for all their guidance with the drafting of the bye-laws.

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