The Malta Independent 19 June 2021, Saturday

Covid-19: Malta’s coronavirus reproduction rate dips to 0.38

Sunday, 16 May 2021, 07:30 Last update: about 2 months ago

The Coronavirus reproduction rate in Malta has decreased to 0.38, which reflects the substantial decrease of positive Covid-19 cases being reported, statistician Vincent Marmara said.

In his weekly blog for The Malta Independent on Sunday, Marmara said that this is the 10th consecutive week in which the reported positive cases of Coronavirus in Malta have decreased.


When looking at the number of daily cases being reported, Marmara said that the past week can be considered a positive one as the numbers stand at relatively low levels. He also noted that when looking at the data week by week, a total of 42 Coronavirus cases were reported in the past week which when compared to the last cycle is very low.

Throughout the pandemic, the country has experienced a number of cycles, but data is showing that Malta’s Covid-19 current cycle is at its end phase.

Marmara noted the statistics for this week show that the number of new Covid-19 cases kept decreasing. In fact, only 0.3% of the swab tests done during the past week resulted in new positive cases.

This positive trend also resulted in the number of deaths reported, as no one died due to Covid-19 in the past week.

He noted that since the number of active cases being reported is substantially decreasing every day, this will automatically reflect in a decrease with regard to the number of people who recovered from the virus. In fact, Malta is currently experiencing more patients who are recovering from the virus when compared to the new cases of Covid-19 being registered.

Marmara also confirmed that the rate of vaccines being given remains a positive one and will shortly lead to Malta reaching herd immunity. More than 25% of the Maltese population (considering all ages) were given two doses of the vaccine and more than 55% of the population were given the first vaccine shot.

When looking at other European countries, statistics show that France, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany are also experiencing a decrease in Covid-19 cases.

Marmara noted that although positive results are being reported, it is still crucial to abide by the Covid-19 related restrictions posed by the health authorities to ensure that this positive trend continues.

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