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Balance is the key for the well-being of society – Bernard Grech

Friday, 18 June 2021, 15:02 Last update: about 3 months ago

Nowadays more than ever, balance is key in all aspects for a better quality of life for society, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Monday.

He was addressing the Malta Employers Association national conference, which focused on Balancing Sustainable Economic Growth with Quality of Live.

Grech said this is the only way in which people will live better with their mind at rest. He insisted that one must find a balance between the economy, the environment, tourism and also the workforce to avoid unfortunate consequences.


Grech insisted that, notwithstanding the success gain in the past years in the economy and also unemployment, other aspects of life are lacking. He said that everyone was led to believe that this economic success was to be spread between everyone, but the truth is that today the poor have become poorer.

When asked what the Nationalist Party would do for the wellbeing of society, Grech mentioned the improvement of the environment – not only rural areas and recreational spaces but also our urban environment.

The Opposition Leader mentioned how the PN will allow development but not at all costs, ensure that there is affordable property for youths, target value added tourism, and incentivise better management of the current workforce in order not to have excessive numbers of foreign workers.

He also insisted on safety, as this is a rising concern.

This, according to Grech is affecting the psychological wellbeing of many families. Some people, according to the Leader of the Opposition, have reached a high fatigue level and long for a good life.

Grech also mentioned improvement in logistics for imports and exports, Health Tourism as an important niche, better capitalization of the maritime sector and also continue helping business to reach wider markets through the digital technologies.

He said that Government is not there to parttake in business but to make sure that there is a level playing field for all to succeed. This is crucial the Nationalist Party, especially after the unfortunate situation our country is in. He mentioned that several countries have decided to greylist Malta because of bad governance.

MEA Director General Joe Farrugia said that one must look at GDP but should keep in mind that that this does not give a whole picture of society.

He also insisted that decision makers have to look at the Malta brand as it stands today, as this is crucial for sustainability.

Joe Farrugia concluded by saying that we should all accept our constraints, whether geographical or the labour market, and make the best of what we have to maximise benefits. To continue growing, our country must learn how to make better use of our present resources and decision makers should not be short-sighted and plan for what to come, he concluded.

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana was also invited but could not attend because of urgent government matters.

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