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‘I will do everything I can to give Zonqor Point land back to the people’ – Bernard Grech

Janet Fenech Sunday, 12 September 2021, 14:14 Last update: about 2 years ago

Zonqor Point land given to the Sadeen Group for the American University of Malta needs to be given back to the Maltese people, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday, adding that if elected to government, "I will do everything I can to do just that."

Opposition leader Bernard Grech was being interviewed on NET FM on Sunday.

The main focus of his interview was on Gozo.

Unlike the current government, a Nationalist government will ensure that Gozitan businesses are never considered as second to Maltese businesses, Grech said.

This interview followed the Q&A session that took place in Gozo on Saturday as part of the pre-Independence day festivities.

"Gozo has enormous potential; the potential of its residents. Everyone must be given the ability to achieve their ambitions whilst Gozo retains its ecological nature," said Grech.

"Gozo cannot continue to be treated with mediocre political strategies, but rather be enabled to become the best version of itself," he added.

Thus, as opposed to the current government's approach to Gozitan citizens of "minimal investment", the PN's vision for Gozo is "ambition"; that ensures that Gozitans are given the same opportunities and amenities as those in Malta, he added.

Moreover, Grech stated that he wants Gozo to be a living example of how one can truly have a good quality of life.

Grech noted that in properly supporting new business, new opportunities will arise for better employment and a resultant improved cost of living.

Moreover, Grech added how the PN is endeavouring to enable both Malta and Gozo to have equal access to the European market as other European countries have. Since Malta and Gozo are islands, the transportation of goods to and from Malta by sea is more costly. Hence, the PN plans to further increase air transportation of goods between Malta and the EU.

Grech listed the following priorities for Gozo that a PN government promises to tackle: lack of healthcare (especially chemotherapy), lack of Learning Support Assistants, helipads for quick access to Mater Dei hospital, enlarging the Mgarr port.

"I will endeavour to give every Gozitan resident the peace of mind that, if any health emergency occurs, they will be able to receive treatment much more quickly and conveniently," stated Grech.

On the topic of the environment and development, Grech spoke about the importance of maintaining a balance between the two, such that the rights of the wealthy would not impinge on the rights and quality of life of residents.

In keeping with this, he commented on the Zonqor point land and the proposed Marina in Marsascala for which he said both were not acceptable as in both cases, the projects of the interested parties would heavily impinge on the residents.

Hence, Grech stated that the PN pledges to ensure all protocols for any further building developments are met and upheld.

Lastly, Grech noted the success of the newly launched PN portal 'Kunilbidla' - which seeks to give everyone a voice in actively engaging with the running of the country.

"If you want this country to come out of the hole the Labour government dug for Malta by bypassing the law, everyone needs to do their part," he concluded.


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