The Malta Independent 3 December 2021, Friday

Malta will become a leader in climate change reform - Aaron Farrugia

Giuseppe Attard Tuesday, 26 October 2021, 14:16 Last update: about 2 months ago

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia pledged that Malta would become a front leader in the fight against climate change while being assertive that other countries have to pull their weight too. 

While addressing the first ever climate change conference in Malta, Farrugia expressed his wishes to see other countries pull their weight at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow. 


“Many a time we make the mistake of thinking that Malta on its own can change the world. We have to be assertive with other countries who are not acting accordingly. The weight other countries do not pull is weight added on our shoulders.” 

Farrugia stated that the ecological transformation Malta is experiencing must be kept away from the political sphere. “It would be a big mistake to make the climate change topic into a political ball.” 

22 months ago Farrugia was given the responsibility of the environment ministry in charge of climate change. “My mind was mostly occupied with the topic of climate change. Being a father and in charge of the countries plan for climate change was a tough pill to swallow. The feeling of being the minister to change the scales in Malta was what fuelled me to preserve Malta for future generations." 

Farrugia said that 22 months on, Malta finally has a tangible plan to enact change while being ambitious and front runners. “Malta is not only ambitious and reaching its goals but we are going to Glasgow to be assertive with countries who would not reach their targets by 2050 and those who are attending the summit reluctantly.” 

Farrugia went on to recognise the efforts done by previous legislatures primarily through the removal of coal in the industry stating that it was an important step in the way forward of our country. 

“While being ambitious as a country, Malta has to marry our environmental aims with the industrial way forward. This is the future we will live in especially with the European Green Deal.” 

Farrugia claimed that Malta is not only committed verbally to our ambitions but also committed financially through cabinet approved plans.

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