The Malta Independent 24 January 2022, Monday

‘Ambitious’ tourism strategy for 2021-2030 launched

Semira Abbas Shalan Thursday, 2 December 2021, 16:30 Last update: about 3 months ago

Special emphasis on recovery was put into the newly introduced tourism strategy for the Maltese islands covering from 2021 up till the year 2030.

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo launched the strategy in a press conference on Thursday. Its aim is to put Malta’s tourism on a stronger foundation, he said.

In an age where the Covid-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to the island’s tourism, as well as uncertainty to the travel industry, the new strategy will focus on recovery from the pandemic, which will revitalise tourism - one of the country’s main economic contributions which has suffered greatly in the past year, said Bartolo.

Bartolo went on to say that other countries and their markets have also impacted Malta’s incoming tourists due to the pandemic.

Bartolo highlighted the new strategy’s sustainability and efficient connectivity. He also said that Gozo will be treated with the importance it deserves as a standalone destination, emphasising Gozo’s nature.

He described the strategy’s 22 objectives, goals and actions as “ambitious” due to the everchanging situation the pandemic places the world into. Eleven of these strategies include sustainable development goals, he said.

With tourism being engrained in Maltese culture, Bartolo describes its revitalisation to become an “economic powerhouse in the years to come.”

Chairperson of the Malta Tourism Authority Gavin Gulia said that the country has already started the recovery, following encouraging results after the summer months, where Malta saw an increase in tourism following the pandemic.

Chief Officer for Strategic Development Leslie Vella commented on the fact that Covid-19 has, in a way, highlighted the importance of tourism. It showed how the absence of tourism is something tangible, and people then truly understood its importance, he said.

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