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‘We need a change in mentality’ – Marceline Naudi

Sunday, 16 January 2022, 19:00 Last update: about 5 months ago

Malta needs a change in mentality to overcome gender stereotypes, women's rights activist Marceline Naudi said while speaking at a vigil for slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

She spoke about femicide, but also said that there are other forms of violence against women. "Violence against women starts with the words used against women, in the street, on social media, words aimed at denigrating women or objectifying them."

"Violence includes when someone touches us without our permission, on the bus, in a club, at the workplace or in school. It is also when we are abused by friends or family. Many women around the country endure such violence."


"We need to change the mentality that women are there to help others, that women are there to take care of children and the home, and are not as good to be the leader of a company, political party or a country. We need to change the mentality that men are better for such things, but not as good at washing floors for example."

"We need to overcome the gender stereotypes that lead to violence against women not being seen as a big thing."

She said that it is not acceptable that a woman who filed a domestic violence report must wait years for the court case, or that the woman feels as though she is not being taken seriously when filing the report.

"If women feel confident that their story will be given the due attention then maybe more will report such violence," she said.

Alessandra dee Crespo from Occupy Justice said that after over four years, "we are still here, waiting and fighting for justice."

"We are here as we follow what Daphne Caruana Galizia taught us: to ask, not to accept everything and not to turn our heads away when we see wrong," she said.

"This week the Prime Minister appointed a board to implement the public inquiry recommendations." She took aim at the selection of Saviour Balzan, Saviour Formosa and Carmen Sammut, arguing that their appointment to the committee is "evidence that the government has not accepted the conclusions of the inquiry."

"How can you explain that Abela chose who filed a SLAPP against Daphne, who never used to mention her by name, that he chose who wrote that whoever says Daphne was killed because of corruption is a false narrative?"

John Mallia also spoke. 

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