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‘The cheques you will start receiving tomorrow will be the last if the PN is elected’ – Abela

Albert Galea Sunday, 13 March 2022, 17:01 Last update: about 4 months ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela warned on Sunday that the tax rebate cheques which all workers across the country will be receiving as from Monday will be their last if they elect Bernard Grech and the Nationalist Party to power.

Abela was addressing a Labour Party mass rally on the Granaries in Floriana; an address he used to criticise the PN's electoral programme and to try and do everything to unite party support behind him.

Abela went back to his electoral announcement speech, where he said that the election is a choice between taking the country into the future, or taking it back to the past.


"Some thought that this was just electoral discourse, but with every passing day it becomes clearer and clearer.  I knew straight away that it was the case, because I could see it in Parliament where they tried to interfere with or block every reform we made," Abela said.

"When we had to come together as a country, not only did they try put a spanner into the works - they tried to do it as much as they could," he continued.

He said that the difference between the two parties can be found in each party's respective manifesto.

He continued that the PL's manifesto is made up of 1,000 "costed, clear, and responsible proposals."

Abela said that the PN's electoral manifesto has had so many different versions in recent days that it belies how "incompetent and disorganised" the PN.  "It is the incompetence of someone who isn't ready to lead the country," he said.

However, Abela said, what they kept in all the versions, is the principle that if some burden has to be shouldered, it will be shouldered by the lower class and the middle class, something which he said will take the country back to the pre-2013 system of governing.

Abela mentioned some points from the PN's manifesto as examples, saying that the party's proposal to stop government aid being given to those who had pre-1995 rents will leave some 10,000 families without a roof over their heads.

He said that the PN wants to stop the tax rebate cheques, the latest set of which will start arriving in people's letterboxes on Monday - despite criticism that the timing was made out in such a way to have a close proximity with the election.

"These cheques will be the last if you trust Bernard Grech and the PN to govern the country... do not risk it! We will strengthen these cheques and widen tax bands," Abela told the crowd.

"You cannot stay at home and approve of these shameful ideas," Abela said.

"It's a manifesto of never ending terms and conditions.  Our manifesto has 1,000 proposals with only one condition: that you need to vote for them," he continued.

Speaking about the PL's electoral manifesto, Abela gave due focus to the party's proposals on education, businesses, pensions, and the environment.

Jan Chircop, the son of the late PL MP Karl Chircop, the much-loved family doctor who passed away suddenly in 2008, also addressed the political rally.


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