The Malta Independent 16 May 2022, Monday

Updated: Abela calls out Grech over ‘disrespectful’ comments towards IVF patients

Giuseppe Attard Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 19:29 Last update: about 4 days ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela stressed on the government’s proposal to improve access to IVF treatment during a speech in Parliament, while also calling out Opposition Leader Bernard Grech for “disrespectful” comments made towards IVF patients during the election.

Referencing a Nationalist Party activity in the run-up of the election, Abela said that “instead of offering couples the opportunity to become parents, you asked for their vote and told them to work for a better future for other children.”


“It is clear that the PN wants to turn this issue into a political one and not listen to what these couples need,” Abela continued.

Abela said that, with such a strong mandate, the Maltese people have trusted him and his cabinet to take the necessary decisions and not remain spectators before Malta’s problems.

“From this House, we have the power to implement legal change which will directly affect our communities. We cannot take this responsibility lightly and that is why as promised in the run-up to the election we are going to put forward the legal changes needed to be done in order to facilitate the IVF procedure in Malta.”

Abela continued to explain that policy makers and politicians have a role which demands the government to amend the legislation of the country in accordance to the realities of the time.

Changing subject to the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, Abela said that the government will be ready to shield the people from any added cost as much as possible.

“We are constantly taking hard decisions to alleviate the pressure placed on consumers due to external factors. We are also taking note in great detail on the recent Carita study which focuses on the minimum wage for a decent living.”

Abela said that, with tax reductions, the stabilisation of electricity and fuel prices, and incentives to help families and businesses have more spending power, “we want to make the people feel as safe as possible under these surreal circumstances.”

Calling out Grech once again, Abela stated that “while the PN and Grech continue with their crusade as if it’s business as usual, blatantly ignoring the vote of no confidence of the people, this government is only concerned with improving the quality of life of the people.”

“Although we had the worst circumstances as a country, we managed to limit the imminent increase of risk of poverty, exclusion and unemployment for everyone.”

In a final plea, Abela stated that Malta must be courageous when it takes decisions and continue to incentivize investment ‘at home’. “One thing is for sure that in every decision we take, the common good will always be the factor which decides our decision.”

In a statement, Grech said that Abela chose to attack him instead of speaking on the real problems couples face in the IVF process. The PM chose to make a partisan statement, Grech said.

Abela should move from words to action to stop ridiculing couples who need assistance. Abela should remove his political blinkers and work together with the opposition in the general interest of the public, Grech said.


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