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Another strong vote of confidence in MEP Josianne Cutajar's work

Friday, 20 May 2022, 14:10 Last update: about 2 months ago

Earlier this week, the European Parliament's Industry Committee approved a report on the Digital Decade, a report which MEP Cutajar negotiated on behalf of the Socialists and Democrats.

In this regard, MEP Cutajar said that she is truly honoured for the tremendous support shown towards this report, which was approved by a strong majority of 74 votes in favor, one vote against, and one abstention, aLabour Party statement said.


Cutajar emphasized that the work done in recent months to guarantee that the European Union meets major digital objectives by 2030, would continue in the coming term, as the European Parliament is now expected to enter into discussions with the Council.

MEP Cutajar was invited to address a conference relating specifically to her work in the field of digitalisation which was organized by GSMA, an organisation that brings together major operators in the fields of technology, internet, and telecommunications such as Samsung and Telefonica. 

"It is crucial that the European Union, in collaboration with all Member States, implements an ambitious and achievable digital transformation strategy, highlighting the several important targets set to be achieved by 2030”, said MEP Cutajar. This applies to four important areas: the public service, the business sector, digital skills and digital connectivity. 

During her intervention at the GSMA conference, MEP Cutajar stressed that in today’s world, internet accessibility has become a necessity and therefore it is important to work not only on connectivity targets but also for stronger digital rights. She went on to say that she will continue her work in this direction as she strongly believes that internet should even be recognized as a fundamental human right.

MEP Cutajar said that Europe is a step away compared to other countries in the world and this is why further work is needed in this regard to ensure that the EU becomes a leader in digital field. Cutajar also mentioned that in 2019, only 56 % of European citizens had basic digital skills, a percentage which is expected to rise to 80 % by 2030. As regards businesses, only 60 % of small and medium-sized businesses had basic digital intensity in 2020, with the target being that of achieving 90 % by 2030. 

“Beyond political discourse, however, we need to ensure that we have an environment that incentivises investment and ensures that the necessary enabling conditions and resources are in place to truly meet the set targets. In addition, we must work towards a fair digital market and internet ecosystem, where both investors and digital platforms contribute and enjoy the benefits in an equitable manner, whilst always keeping the protection of our consumers at the centre,” concluded MEP Cutajar.


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