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Updated (2): Frank Bezzina named Acting President, as PN claim of no consultation struck down by PM

Thursday, 23 June 2022, 11:36 Last update: about 2 days ago

The government announed that Professor Frank Bezzina will be serving as acting president when President George Vella is away.

The appointment was made according to Article 49 of the Constitution.

Bezzina is Pro-Rector of the Univeristy of Malta, and is the author of acadamic studies. He is a visiting professor in several universities abroad.


The government thanked Dolores Cristina who served as acting president several times in the last few years.

Opposition 'not consulted'

Reacting to the news that Bezzina has been handed the role of acting president, the PN expressed its disappointment at not being consulted on the role.

“Robert Abela chose to stop all consultations with the Leader of the Opposition when it comes to the choice of important roles in Malta. The Prime Minister is obliged by the constitution to consult with the Opposition especially when it comes the acting President of the Republic.”

The PN said it had started discussions with Prime Minister months ago about this role and Abela had promised Grech that he would be consulted.

It is clear as day that Abela does not want to communicate with Grech when it comes to matters which are of interest to Malta and Gozo, the party said.

Bernard Grech was sent a letter by Robert Abela at the beginning of the month - OPM

The Prime Minister’s office however replied to the PN’s statement, saying that the Opposition Leader had in fact been consulted.

Robert Abela’s office said that he had sent PN leader Bernard Grech on 2 June where he outlined his intentions to consult with the party about the possible appointment of Professor Frank Bezzina as interim President.

“The Opposition Leader was asked for his reaction within a week – a reaction which was never given, meaning that the letter was ignored,” Abela’s office said.

Abela’s office said that this week will require an interim President, which is why the Prime  Minister chose to proceed with the appointment.

A copy of the letter was sent to the media showing what is explained above.


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