The Malta Independent 15 August 2022, Monday

Occupy Justice activists demand Attorney General's resignation

Saturday, 2 July 2022, 07:48 Last update: about 2 months ago

#occupyjustice activists symbolically left a bunch of suitcases outside the Attorney General’s office with the message “Ippakkja u Itlaq!” (Pack your Bags and Go!).

Buttigieg has been under fire after a series of errors, with the latest being that in the case against two lawyers accused of bribing a journalist, as a magistrate ruled that the relevant offence was not properly indicated.


In their protest, Occupy Justice passed on the following memo to Buttigieg.

For the attention of Attorney General, Dr Victoria Buttigieg:

"Malta urgently needs competent, independent, and courageous people in key positions who are prepared to do their job without fear or favour.

"Given the almighty mess we are in, the scale of the task is monumental, and we do not underestimate it.

"You have proved yourself on numerous occasions to be completely unable or unwilling to do what needs to be done and are utterly unworthy of the crucial seat you occupy.

"This isn't funny anymore.

"You are failing Malta at a critical point in her history, and we've had enough.

"Pack your bags and go.

"This is our nation, this is our home, and we are the people.

We expect better.

We deserve better.

We demand better."


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