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PN calls for police update after Marsa junction scandal

Monday, 3 October 2022, 19:28 Last update: about 3 years ago

PN MP Beppe Fenech Adami has called for a police update after the news broke that the European Union's anti-fraud office is investigating the Marsa junction project.

The MP was addressing Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri in Parliament.

The European Union's anti-fraud office is investigating the Marsa junction project after data found on Yorgen Fenech's mobile phone indicated the possibility of corruption, the Times of Malta reported on Sunday. The newspaper said that data on the phone revealed that Fenech had a background role as a middleman in the project and that he had been promised €2 million in success fees - half of which would pass through a secret company linked to the infamous 17 Black.

"Had the authorities sent for the former chief of staff, or for the former prime minister to ask them if they knew anything? Did they know how the €40 million tender was awarded to one bidder and not the other?," Fenech Adami asked.

Asked outside parliament later during the day by sections of the press, Prime minister Robert Abela said that he did not know about the Marsa flyover being probed by the European's prosecutor's office over corruption suspicions.

Fenech Adami also asked for an explanation as to how a four year old who was on a migrant boat in national waters was left to die cause of a lack of a search at sea  in four days.

"I know this will not make me popular, but we must have the guts to say that it is not right that a four-year-old girl dies from thirst in an area which the country is responsible for," he said.

The girl, Loujin was travelling with her mother on a boat amongst some 60 Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian migrants at the end of August, with the intention of sailing from Lebanon to Italy. They had been adrift for days and the girl died while being airlifted to a hospital in Greece.

Fenech Adami stated that Malta has certain international obligations, despite the Opposition's clear position that the country's laws should be respected, that criminals should be prosecuted, and that human trafficking should not be facilitated.

The PN MP wants that Minister Camilleri "come clean" and provide all relevant information regarding the case.

Fenech Adami said that this criticism is not intended towards AFM workers who carry their work dutifully.

"When I criticise, I am not criticising the courageous soldiers. I am criticising, very harshly the political decisions taken," he said.

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