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Government has ‘hijacked parliament’ – Grech tells protesters after PN storms out

Marc Galdes Thursday, 16 March 2023, 20:42 Last update: about 2 years ago

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech condemned the government for now 'hijacking parliament' after the Speaker of the House allowed the government to present amendments to the PN's motion about the hospitals deal at a time when the PN argued it was not allowed to do so. He called what happened in Parliament a parody of democracy and said that once again the Speaker, chose to abandon the people.

Grech said that what was meant to be a debate in the highest institution of the country, turned into a joke.


He said that he was meant to address Parliament, but the Speaker and the government "stole the people's opportunity to hear the speech I had to give."

"We had a lot less than an hour left to speak in Parliament and that is why we insisted that the Speaker could never, according to the standing orders, allow the government to amend our motion to change it by taking even a minute of the opposition's time."

The Speaker, he said, instead of choosing to protect the people, instead of acting according to the regulations of the House, "chose to defend those who made agreements with fraudsters."

He said that Abela has his back against the wall. "He spent over an hour defending and giving an elegy about Vitals and Stewards. Instead of being the Prime Minister of the people, he became the Prime Minister of Vitals and Steward."

He said that Abela chose to speak about how much Vitals and Steward achieved during his parliamentary speech, rather than defend the people.  "Why didn't Steward present these things itself in court? As it is not true Prime Minister, you are lying to the people. Today the Prime Minister of the country, instead of choosing to defend the people for the first time, defended those who appealed to continue preserving their own interests - Vitals, Steward, their consultant who we know took thousands of euros paid for by the people's funds," Grech said.

"Abela told us that as Joseph Muscat's consultant, cabinet's consultant, he had an overview of all that was happening in all the ministries. So Abela knew that the people were being defrauded."

Moreover, he mentioned how Abela mentioned Daphne Caruana Galizia during his speech and he condemned this action. He said that Abela should be "ashamed of himself" for even mentioning her name, as even a year later, he has yet to implement any of the recommendations from the public inquiry into her murder. Grech asked "Where is the Attorney General? Where is the Police Commissioner?" He said that the truth was that Steward still needs to pay taxes, it still needs to pay the BOV loan and it still needs to pay for all its shortcomings in the deal.

"The Prime Minister did not give a solution for the people in parliament, but the PN will give the people a solution... our fight will not stop here, we will stand by you."

They attended the vigil of Caruana Galizia, it is our duty to be there.


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