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Pelin Kaya murder: Witnesses say they saw accused throwing stones at people who tried to help

Thursday, 16 March 2023, 14:53 Last update: about 2 years ago

Witnesses testifying in court in the case of a man accused of murdering a Turkish woman told the court today that they saw the accused throwing stones at the victim and at anyone who was trying to help her.

Jeremie Camilleri, 33, is charged with killing 30-year-old Pelin Kaya, in Gżira in January. Kaya was walking in Gzira when she was hit by the car driven by Camilleri, which ended up smashing into the KFC outlet in the area.

First to testify on Thursday in the compilation of evidence was a man who said that while he was walking in the area, he saw Camilleri throwing stones at a woman who was lying on the ground. He said he called the police to inform them about the incident.

He said that there were other people on the scene. The witness said he had gone home before the police arrived.

Taking the stand, a Pakistani testified that he heard Camilleri shouting and there were many people around him. He said he saw a woman on the ground. The witness was told by others at the scene to be careful because Camilleri was beating people.

Describing the scene, he said there were around 30 people, stones strewn on the ground, and a woman lying on the ground unconscious. The witness said he called the emergency line 112 at around 1.10am. When the police came, the accused was still shouting, and tried to take it out on the Police, until they calmed him down with a taser. The witness took a video with his personal mobile phone and gave it to the police. He will exhibit the video at the next sitting.

A Moroccan man who resides in Malta testified that he saw a man attacking people near KFC.  He said that as people started trying to help the woman who was lying on the ground, the accused started attacking them. He said that while this was going on, the accused started shouting as if was watching a football game "1, 2, 3 Viva Algiers".

He said that the stones which Camilleri was throwing had been dislodged from the KFC establishment. He said that he saw Camilleri throw a large stone on the head of a woman who was lying on the ground. Hamuchi also called the police and also took some videos with his mobile phone and sent them to Lovin Malta to inform them about the case.

Another witness testified that he was across the road having a coffee and saw a black BMW car crashing into the KFC outlet. The man he was with at the time told him that he suspected that the accused had hit someone. When the accused got out of the BMW, Camilleri had asked for water from the witness. He started raising his voice and hit a third party inside the coffee shop.  After that he went back to the street and started hitting people. The witness saw him hit a person who was washing his personal car.

He said he saw the woman on the ground, lifeless. He said that there were a lot of stones in the road, and the accused started throwing them in the direction of anyone who tried to help her. The witness also testified that he saw the accused throw a big stone at the woman on the ground.

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