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‘Humility is the weapon that disarms the arrogance of others’ – Abela

Sunday, 26 March 2023, 12:34 Last update: about 12 months ago

Humility is the weapon that disarms the arrogance of others, Prime Minister Robert Abela said during a political activity on Sunday.

Sunday marked exactly one year since the election was held.

Abela mentioned a number of initiatives implemented by the Labour government over the course of the first year of the legislature, but also took aim at the Nationalist Party and criticized them. 

'The others', he said, in reference to the Nationalist Party, "were divided and are still divided." He said they unite only to target those who do not form part of them, "then a week passes and the usual maneuvers begin again. A few days ago in Parliament, I saw in their eyes the same attitude they had when they had power. You all saw how they acted in parliament. You saw their leader inciting people inside and outside of parliament," he said.

"That is the same attitude they had when they were in government and would vote for decisions that would harm the people. The same attitude when they used to say that poverty and unemployment were perceptions as they believed that if they were comfortable, everyone else was. The same attitude as when someone said let prices rise."

"We cannot let them take us there again," Abela said. "We will continue to lead with determination as we have the credibility to move the country forward."

He targeted Bernard Grech's leadership capabilities, and said that when Grech led the electoral campaign, every day saw a new version of the PN's manifesto released due to many mistakes.

"Imagine, how could he have led a country when he didn't know what he wanted to implement? Don't think that we would have had the same budget we had, or that they would have helped as we have."

He spoke about the "disastrous" pre-budget document the PN presented, saying that the PN has no economic competence.

On the recent IVF law, the PN divided, he said. "The Opposition is the same one that believes that what it does is all good, and what others do is all bad," Abela said, proceeding to say they had an arrogant attitude. "How can you feel comfortable with such people?"

"They call those who leave them opportunists and those who criticize them armchair critics," he said. He said that "they could never open the door for you, so unit with us as we still have a lot of work to do."

Abela said that the country continued moving forward over the past year. "There is a more beautiful future waiting for us with the implementation of our plan, but remember, there is nothing guaranteed and we must work daily to keep the trust of the people."

He said the PL remains the party in favour of legitimate business, as that also means being in favour of workers.

A year has passed since the 2022 general election, and Malta is the only country that kept energy and fuel prices stable, Prime Minister Robert Abela said. All that the government can do to continue helping people, it does, he said.

The government, he said, started implementing a lot of what is in the manifesto.

On the social sector, he said they never stopped giving it priority. He said that efforts are being made to help those who suffer most in society, and to invest in sectors that guarantee social mobility, like education.

"That is why we continue to assure that the government does not impose more weight on the people's shoulders."

In the first year, we saw another budget without new taxes. He said that they implemented a new COLA mechanism, increased the children's allowance and in-work benefit, "as we promised."

"In the first year of our mandate, we helped people, and we will continue to help people, as that is what you chose and that is what we are giving you. 

Big countries he said, are under pressure, and big international banks are failing, but we received an A+ rating (from international ratings firm Fitch). "You achieve results when one doesn't fear taking decisions... by removing uncertainty and bringing certainty and stability for businesses and families."

These results, he said, "provide us with peace of mind that we can continue investing in everyone."

"We promised first time buyers that we would give them €1,000 a year over ten years to help them achieve their dreams. hundreds of applications for this open scheme already came in."

He spoke about protecting farmers and the agriculture rent reforms.

Abela also said that the PL gave its word that Zonqor land would not be built and would be given back to the people, saying the government kept that promise. He went on to mention a number of other projects and measures that it had implemented.

"In this, my first mandate, I have the same energy and will to take decisions, as though we were just starting out in government. We have done so much good over the past 10 years. A main factor was that we never stopped taking decisions."

On unemployment, Abela said that while it was a topical debate under PN administrations, the government has brought it to a discussion of the past.

This is just the first year of five, abela said. "There is still a lot for us to implement."

"The questions you must ask yourselves are, who do you trust to lead the country's economy, to implement more social changes, to implement what they would have promised. My invitation is to not only to trust us, but to be with us to continue making change together. We are the movement that builds it policies on inclusion. We are the movement that keeps its door open for anyone. We are the movement for the workers, and the movement for employers."




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