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Police asked to investigate intimidation and harassment of children - ADPD

Thursday, 30 March 2023, 11:59 Last update: about 2 years ago

The Commissioner for Children Antoinette Vassalli has informed ADPD - The Green Party candidate and International Secretary Mina Jack Tolu that she has asked the Police to investigate the alleged intimidation and harassment of people and in particular children attending a play at the Żigużajg festival.

ADPD International Secretary Mina Jack Tolu had asked the Commissioner for Children to investigate the conservative Partit ABBA and their leader Ivan Grech Mintoff for allegedly harassing and intimidating children who attended a performance focused on gender fluidity. 


In the letter sent to the Commissioner for Children Mina Tolu had said: "On Saturday 18th March I attended the play 'Gender Boss' at the Żigużajg festival, together with a friend and her young daughter. On entering Spazju Kreattiv I was shocked to be welcomed by a security guard who was stationed at the entrance to the studio where the play was being shown. After the play and creative workshop I spoke to the team at Spazju Kreattiv, and asked them about the presence of security. They claimed it was necessary due to the presence at prior showings of members of Partit Abba, who also recorded the play and workshop and asked questions to the children present."

Mina Jack Tolu thanked the office of the Commissioner for Children for their response. "I thank the office of the commission for their response and recognising the gravity of this situation by asking the police to investigate".

ADPD - The Green Party Secretary General Dr Ralph Cassar emphasised that the party will continue to work for a just society with respect for diversity and pluralism. "The cancel culture of the far-right does not belong in this pluralism. We have no tolerance for hate of any kind."

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