The Malta Independent 6 December 2023, Wednesday
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Agius Saliba writes to European Commission about impact of Mobility Package on Malta

Thursday, 16 November 2023, 12:21 Last update: about 20 days ago

In a letter to the President of the Europan Commission and Commissioners Breton and Vǎlean, Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba requested the Commission to take up the advice of the opinion of the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice Giovanni Pitruzzella. 

Dr Pitruzzella advised the Commission to accede to Malta’s request and to remove the requirement that heavy goods vehicles must return to the country where they are registered every eight weeks.


“I have requested the President of the Commission to investigate the impact of the new package of rules related to transport, the so called “Mobility Package”” stated MEP Agius Saliba.  The Labour MEP noted that in light of the geographical circumstances and the existing maritime infrastructure, the requirement that heavy goods vehicle registered in Malta must be driven back to the country every eight weeks would have a negative impact on our environment, on our transport sector and ultimately on our economy.

The Labour MEP stated “I insisted with the Commission to remove these requirements as their negative consequences will be borne by Maltese consumers through increases in food prices.”  The Advocate General agreed with the MEP and noted that the measuers will negatively impact the standard of living and employment in Malta.

The MEP continued “To date, neither the Commission nor the European Parliament have properly evaluated the negative impact that this requirement will have, such as the increase in emissions and fuel consumption, increases in transport prices and, consequentially, the increase in prices paid by consumers.”  The impact will be felt more strongly in Malta as products sold locally are transported through a lengthy and complex transport chain before they are delivered to the consumer.  Our international road haulage sector is hence the backbone of our economic activity.  “The Commission must appreciate the importance that this sector continues to operate without hindrance” continued MEP Agius Saliba.

The MEP also observed that Malta, being an island Member State in the Mediterranean Sea, must rely on a single, lengthy, transport route to access the markets of most other Member States.  This route is used for both imports and exports by consumers, workers and businesses of all sizes.  Agius Saliba remarked “The Mobility Package is a clear example of why the European Commission should consider the needs of remote regions, and particularly island Member States, in its legislative and administrative processes.  These regions suffer from permanent handicaps which must be taken into consideration at all stages of the processes.

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