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World Children’s Day: FSWS highlights importance of listening to children’s voices

Monday, 20 November 2023, 11:02 Last update: about 15 days ago

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services has stressed the importance of listening to children's voices, in a statement it published on the occasion of World Children's Day.

On World Children's Day people all come together to celebrate children's rights, and unite to give them a voice to express their views on significant issues in their lives, the foundation said. "We owe it to them so they can have their say on their present and their future."


"On this day, as we commemorate the UN Convention on the Rights of the child, we remind ourselves of the significance when the world leaders came together and made a promise to every child to protect and fulfill their rights by adopting an International Legal Framework. So on this day, we remind ourselves that children are not their parents' objects but individuals in their own right who deserve to live in a safe world free from violations, risk, abuse and exploitation and receive adequate health care and education."

"We need to keep listening to children's voices, to what they have to say and provide them with opportunities to thrive. Every child thrives in a safe space that not only provides them with basic needs but that also is filled with love and care, a secure space where they belong and where they feel seen and heard. And it is our responsibility to stand together to make the world safer for them."

"It is our duty to end child rights violations and ensure that every child has adequate access to education, to feel safe, loved and cared for and be provided with opportunities to make their dreams a reality. All this can be achieved if we all come together to ensure that every child is empowered to be the best they can be, to take responsibility for their actions and their future and receive adequate support and security. A child's psychological wellbeing needs to be our priority by improving accessibility to psychological support in schools, supporting caregivers to better contain and address their children's needs and create a space for recreation and meaningful quality time where connections can be formed and strengthened."

"Through the introduction of Chapter 602, Malta is ensuring that the right of children for family life is being further protected. Since 2020, 52 children were reunited with their biological family after having been subjected to care proceedings, and 144 children are now under a Permanency decree, ensuring their stability and protection. Lest we forget that children deserve to live in peace, in an environment that allows them to enjoy their childhood and to have access with both their parents whenever it is in their best interest. FSWS augurs that the rights of children are always kept in the minds of all adults as they should be sensitive that adults decisions will always effect the children in their life and full respect is to be given to the dignity and rights that all children deserve," the Foundation said.

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