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50% of measures from 2022 Child Guarantee National Action Plan have been implemented

Monday, 4 December 2023, 13:49 Last update: about 4 months ago

More than 100 social measures that form part of the Child Guarantee National Action Plan  have been implemented across four main areas.

From the measures implemented, 29 relate to social protection, 34 fall under education, 38 of them relate to healthcare, and seven measures are associated with adequate housing.

This National Action Plan (2022-2030) was created as one of the Government's tools to improve the quality of life for children. This National Action Plan has a particular focus towards aiding vulnerable children and some of its central aims are targeted towards breaking poverty cycles and ensuring a more inclusive society, the government said.

Children's Rights Minister Michael Falzon discussed some of the progress during a press conference, saying that the government is investing "€145 million over five years to implement and support the measures described in the plan."

"We are doing this because we believe that we should continuously support the most vulnerable, in order to maximize their potential", Minister Falzon said.

Permanent Secretary Mark Musu spoke about the importance of childhood in the development of society's youngest, saying that this stage is characterized by various challenges and relative vulnerability, especially for children experiencing poverty and social exclusion. In this regard, Musu spoke about the efforts made in recent years to mitigate this poverty and social exclusion while promoting and enforcing children's rights.

He said that from 2013 till the present day, the number of children experiencing poverty and social exclusion has dropped from 25,000 to 19,000; the number of children experiencing material deprivation has declined from 16,000 to 7000; and the number of children under severe material deprivation has also fallen from 9000 to 3700.

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