The Malta Independent 15 April 2024, Monday
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NGO cries foul as bulldozers descend on Armier Bay; Ministry says it’s just a cleanup

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 15:23 Last update: about 3 months ago

Moviment Graffitti on Wednesday cried foul after bulldozers were spotted at Armier Bay, with the NGO claiming that concrete was set to be laid across the sand – a claim that the Tourism Ministry later denied.

The NGO shared images of the machinery saying that they had received reports that bulldozers were removing sand from Armier Bay so that they bay can be “covered in concrete.”


Moviment Graffitti said that during the works, which they pointed out are “completely illegal and are being done without a permit,” extensive damage has been done to the sand dunes – a rare and protected habitat, and where particular species of plants grow. 

“Some sources also told us that these works are being done to accommodate the owners of the lidos in this bay, the identity of whom appears to be hidden by the Lands Ministry,” they said.

The Tourism Ministry however said that the bulldozers were present at the bay as part of a “cleaning procedure” and that no concrete would be laid at the bay.

The identity of the businesses granted concessions for the bay has remained hidden, as have any details related to the concession.

There are plans for the beach club at the bay to be transformed into a Buddha Bar, including new sunbathing spaces and a rooftop restaurant – but which the Environment and Resources Authority issued a “no objection” to the plans, the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage rejected them.

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