The Malta Independent 19 April 2024, Friday
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‘Malta, the country where anything goes’, ADPD says after public inquiry report published

Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 18:25 Last update: about 3 months ago

ADPD-The Green Party Chairperson, Sandra Gauci said that the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry report’s findings are the result of successive governments being in the developers’ pockets. This has led to a high level of incompetence and a mismanaged public administration, leading to several deaths, the latest being that of Jean Paul Sofia, she said.

Gauci said that it is pertinent to remember that the Prime Minister never wanted the public inquiry to take place, and attempted to the last minute to create various obstacles to it. Today however he shamelessly flaunts it as though it were a feather in his cap. This report has seen the light of day thanks to Jean Paul’s mother.


Isabelle Bonnici’s persistence, with the support of the many people, who took to the streets forced Abela had to back down and concede.  This death should never have happened but this is what happens when the country is neck deep in impunity, where anything goes.

Gauci expressed serious doubts on whether the government will adopt the report’s recommendations given the proximity of the developers to the other political parties. This sector has always been afforded privileged treatment. It is this cowboy’s attitude which led to Jean Paul’s death.

ADPD calls for resignations and investigations into Malta Enterprise and INDIS, the entities which this project which the board of inquiry calls ‘superficial’.

Self-regulation in every aspect of the construction industry, associated professions included must end immediately. As in the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the state was a ‘collaborator’ which facilitated and encouraged a state of permissiveness, carelessness, and impunity in respect of an entire industry and for this, the state must bear responsibility. This free for all attitude and anything goes mentality is having catastrophic consequences on a national scale. We want accountability and resignations, Gauci said.


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