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Information campaign to show youth healthy and constructive alternatives to vices

Saturday, 20 April 2024, 10:56 Last update: about 2 months ago

Aġenzija Sedqa has launched an information campaign on awareness and prevention mainly aimed at adolescents and teenagers for them to keep away from use of illicit substances.  

The ‘Bużż Naturali’ campaign is aimed to send a clear message on the importance of a person having fun without the need for substances that affect their emotions and behaviour for some time but end up make the person’s problem worse when the substances wear off.


This campaign, which will be spread over the coming two months, will be promoted by a number of local influencers who are taking part in short clips that will be posted on the social media of Sedqa Malta.

Social Policy Minister Michael Falzon said that through this campaign there will be an increase in awareness about vices so that the number of people dependent on drugs will decrease as much as possible. 

“In this campaign we will be focusing most on problematic realities faced by teenagers in their life and we will be sending the message primarily through clips on social media,” Falzon said.

The ‘Bużż Naturali’ campaign will focus on alternative, fun activities as a way of supporting individuals to make it through difficult situations. Aġenzija Sedqa believes that it is important to show better hobbies that are more satisfying in order to encourage individuals to explore alternative methods to substance use or other vices.

The Chief Executive of FSWS, Alfred Grixti spoke of alternative ways of enjoyment that promote relaxation, fun, and personal growth without the damaging effects associated with vices.

“By promoting alternative enjoyment, Aġenzija Sedqa is doing its utmost to provide the individual a constructive way to spend their time and focus their energy in a healthy way”, Grixti said. 


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