The Malta Independent 26 May 2024, Sunday
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Former Prime Minister Muscat to hold on to diplomatic passport and severance package

Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 17:45 Last update: about 11 days ago

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will be retaining his severance package and diplomatic passport, a response by Prime Minister Robert Abela in Parliament indicates.

In Parliamentary Questions on Tuesday, PN MP Graham Bencini asked the Prime Minister, Robert Abela, if, in light of the criminal charges former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is facing, the government will withdraw Muscat's diplomatic passport and severance package.

In response to the questions, Abela said: "I remind the honourable MP about the presumption of innocence, a basic right in a country that respects the rule of law." His response shows that Muscat will keep both his diplomatic passport and his severance package which he received after stepping down as Prime Minister.


Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and others are to be charged with fraud, money laundering and making fraudulent gains, as well as conspiracy to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment of more than four years. The charges were issued following the conclusion of the Vitals inquiry.

As part of his severance package, among other things Muscat had received a one-time payment of €120,000 which was granted to him as part of the Terminal and Transitional Benefit scheme. Muscat's office in Sa' Maison is also part of his termination package.

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