The Malta Independent 23 June 2024, Sunday
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President says nobody should provoke or fall for provocation

Saturday, 25 May 2024, 15:19 Last update: about 27 days ago

In a message that can be taken to refer to Tuesday’s arraignment of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, President Myriam Spiteri Debono said that nobody should provoke others or fall for provocation.

She said that both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have called on people not to fall for provocation.

Over the past days, there have been calls for people to show solidarity with Muscat as he is criminally charged in court following the conclusion of the magisterial inquiry into the hospitals’ deal.


In her message Saturday, Spiteri Debono did not mention Muscat or his arraignment, but her words are easily understood to be making reference to it.

She said that every citizen is free to act within the rights afforded by the Constitution.

She expressed her confidence in the police, but said that nobody should contribute to disturb the “normality as a result of situations arising”. It would be in everybody’s interests that the police are not exposed to situations outside their normal duties.

She again appealed for everyone to allow the judicial process to flow serenely. Our laws, she said, guarantee and safeguard the interests of all those who face charges in court. Time and again, our judiciary have shown that they are loyal to the laws of the country and are capable of being impartial.

Nothing should be done to create harm to others or to the country, she said.

On another note, Spiteri  Debono said both big parties are urging the people to vote in the European and local council elections.

Democracy starts from the vote, and the people’s will is manifested in elections. Citizens should not throw away this basic right. If they do that, they will be allowing others to decide, she said.


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