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Where was the ‘PN trap’ advocated by PM Abela, Grech asks

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 15:52 Last update: about 25 days ago

Opposition leader Grech on Tuesday urged PN supporters to control their language and understand the difficult moment the country is living, asking where was the "trap" Prime Minister Robert Abela said the PN was preparing for the morning when former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was criminally charged.

Grech was referring to what Abela said the PN would do to Labour supporters who gathered in Valletta to show their support to Muscat. "I am well informed that on 28 May the PN is planning a trap that is not nice at all," Abela said last week as the date of Muscat’s arraignment was made public.


Speaking on NET TV, Grech said that in no way he wishes “to hear any words that detract from the dignity of people who still believe the accused individuals or Labourites who are in disbelief. Rather, let us understand that this is a fight between them and those who stole their beloved party and crushed the country. The answer must be a collective one of all those who love the Maltese flag.”

Grech said this with reference to the hundreds who turned up on Tuesday to support former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, criminally charged after the conclusion of an inquiry into the deal which saw three public hospitals being passed on to the private sector.

Grech said that this is not a fight between the PL and the PN, but rather, a number of people who hijacked the workers’ and Mintoff’s party and changed it into a political machine to gather votes that would allow a few to do what they want and rob the Maltese people. 

Grech felt that it was his duty to thank all journalists and the police who are doing indispensable work. He said that though the courts should be allowed to work in serenity, what happened in front of the law courts on Tuesday morning was the exact antithesis of this.

He said that the people gathered there intended to intimidate the courts and journalists. He noted however, that these people are not fully to blame as they genuinely believe what they are told is true and what they are doing is right. He added that whoever told them to gather must carry the responsibility of their actions.

Grech questioned where Robert Abela’s so-called ‘PN trap’ was, and said that Abela too believes the end justifies the means. He added that Abela was willing to risk people getting injured for speaking in such a way.

Grech said that this is a dark day for the country which he wishes he weren’t living, with our international reputation being tarnished by half a dozen people who thought they could rob the Maltese people and went as far as to place people in strategic positions to get what they wanted.

He said that there was a continuation of this as Robert Abela was placed to allow this scheme to continue but it began to end with Daphne Caruana Galizia opening the people’s eyes and the journalists doing their work before the release of the Panama papers. He added that this can of worms is so great that we are still discovering the extent of the crimes.

Grech said that when we look at all that has happened, this is a dark day, yet we must look forward with hope so that the country can start to heal. He said that every time the world has had an environmental catastrophe, more fertile ground comes of the tragedy and added that the country can be wreathed with justice once again. 

Grech said that the people cannot keep on worrying and taking to social media, but rather, roll up their sleeves and ask themselves “What am I going to do to free my country today?” He added that the people must also use their vote.

Grech said that though the election is only a “passage” to the next step of the country moving forward, he pointed out that if Robert Abela, once again, has a large voter gap no one will stop him. He concluded that only voters can stop this.


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