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PN is determined to build a new Nationalist majority in the whole country – Grech

Semira Abbas Shalan Saturday, 15 June 2024, 11:34 Last update: about 2 months ago

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said Saturday that just as the PN has built and acquired a majority in several localities in the local councils election, it is determined to build a new Nationalist majority in the whole country.

Grech spoke in a press conference attended by all the mayors and councillors elected for the PN this week. He thanked all candidates contesting on the PN’s ticket, whether elected or not, as they were part of the substantial strengthening of the party.

“Through them, we have made large advances in several localities. In these elections, the PN won six new local councils and lost one, which means it has 24 local councils under its leadership,” Grech said.

He said he had promised authentic and truthful politics, which means providing all the information, both where it won the majority, and when it lost it.

Grech said that compared to 2019, the PN has managed to increase its control and gained five more local councils under its wing.

The PN has also increased its majority in votes over the Labour party, meaning that it now has 26 local councils where it retains the majority, mentioning Birkirkara and Mellieha as two of the localities where the PN increased its seats.

Grech said that the PL has lost nine local councils, and won one, so that it now controls 39 local councils, having had 47 local councils under its leadership in 2019.

Grech continued that the gap for local councils has decreased severely from 47,000 votes for the PL in 2019, down to an almost 27,000 vote gap, a difference of 20,255 votes.

“Five years ago, the gap was at 18.1%. Now it is at 7.8%, a reduction of 10.3%,” Grech said, adding that the PN also increased votes acquired by 4.5% more than 2019.

The PN has also gained more seats in total, where it now has 212 seats compared to the 185 it held in 2019. Grech said that the Labour party has lost 15 seats it held in 2019.

Grech also said that there is a new PN majority in localities such as St Paul’s Bay, Fontana, San Gwann, Siggiewi, Mosta and Msida, as well as a new first in 21 years – a new PN majority in Zebbug Gozo.

He continued that the PN has a relative majority in Mellieha and Birkirkara, where the majority votes do not exceed the 50%, yet the PN has the same amount of seats as the PL.

Grech continued that the PN gained a seat in Zabbar, Birzebbugia, Dingli, Hamrun, Lija, Munxar, Qrendi, Pieta, Xewkija, Zurrieq, while it gained two seats for Marsascala, Naxxar, Xghajra Gozo, and San Gwann.

“This information will not be given to you by the national broadcaster, PBS and TVM, those who are paid with the public’s taxes,” Grech said, adding that the PN has lost in Floriana, Ghasri and Bormla – where in the latter case the number of councillors elected was decreased.

“The PN is managing to switch the votes back to the party from the PL, and the public has realised and acknowledged that the PN can be the next alternative government which can free Malta from the problems caused by the PL,” Grech said.

He said the PN is determined, more than ever, to continue to on the road towards achieving a majority in the country.

Grech said that the people will remain the priority, and the PN will now start to implement the programme it had for each locality, whether it is PN controlled or not, so that carrying capacity studies are done in each locality.

Asked by the media if the PN is ready to govern the country at this stage, Grech said that every party must prepare itself for government, and that the PN will work towards being an alternative government.

On a question about independent candidates making strides in these past elections, and if they should be the ones to work in local councils, rather than party-affiliated individuals, Grech said that the public’s wishes and democracy must be respected.

Grech concluded that he wants to work with those who did not see the PN as an alternative in the past elections, to find solutions for the way forward. He said that many have approached the party after the elections, finding new hope after the PN managed to decrease the gap.


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