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Prime Minister Robert Abela addresses European Council informal meeting in Brussels

Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 11:32 Last update: about 29 days ago

At the start of an informal meeting for European leaders in Brussels, where discussions on the future leadership of the European Union began, Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke about a Europe that addresses the priorities of all European Union citizens.

In this meeting, European leaders discussed the next institutional cycle following the European Parliament elections.

The discussion, which is expected to continue developing in another European Council meeting towards the end of next week, revolved around who will occupy the highest positions in the European Union, including the appointment of the President of the European Council and the nomination of the President of the European Commission.

In comments to the media, Abela emphasized the importance of the meeting and noted that despite the leaders belonging to different political groups, there should be an open discussion about the values for which the European Union was created.

“I believe that even the European Union of tomorrow should continue to represent important values such as that of the social dimension,” Abela said.

He said that the meeting should include an analysis of the European elections and the messages sent by the European people, including the Maltese, who want their priorities to be better addressed.

Abela mentioned that all this is being done in the context of ongoing challenges in a Europe witnessing two wars on its doorstep, and the challenge of inflation, which needs to continue being addressed.

He said that Malta as a member state wants to continue promoting other important values such as those in favour of justice and governance, along with other principles such as that of the Single Market, which should work equally for everyone, including in access to medicines, especially for countries like Malta, whose geographical position places it on the periphery of Europe.

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