The Malta Independent 3 October 2023, Tuesday
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‘Il-Furjana’ celebrates its 70th birthday

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 09:00 Last update: about 4 days ago

Florianite historian Prof. Henry Frendo, who researched a lot about the history of Maltese journalism, some 20 years ago wrote that the Floriana local gazette Il-Furjana was an absolute record in...

Book review: A vanishing skill

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 08:55 Last update: about 4 days ago Noel Grima

'Modern Newspaper Practice' Author: F. W. Hodgson Publisher: Focal Press / 1984 Pages: 195pp   Print is on its way out. Printed newspapers are being eased out all over...

Luca Minnelli and friends to perform in Malta

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 08:50 Last update: about 4 days ago

World-renowned opera star Luca Minnelli, known worldwide as The Voice of Venice, will be performing with his orchestra in Malta on Saturday, 18 November, for what promises to be one of the best...

Fireworks, the environment and human health

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 08:35 Last update: about 4 days ago

Fireworks have captivated humans for centuries, dazzling us with their vivid colours, explosive patterns and breathtaking displays. However, beyond their aesthetic appeal lies a complex relationship...

Ethelbert Perini, a collective solo exhibition

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 08:25 Last update: about 4 days ago

Decades of experimentation with several media as well as formal training have led Ethelbert Perini to create a collection of artworks that are being exhibited in what is his first solo...

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