The Malta Independent 3 March 2024, Sunday
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Comparison of STEM and STEAM: Exploring the rationale

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 09:45 Last update: about 2 days ago

The influence of technology on sectors like healthcare, retail, and finance is immense, driving innovation and transformation. By 2030, automation will be able to handle 80% of project management...

A gripping story of friendship and the supernatural

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:35 Last update: about 2 days ago

'The Bad Ones' Author: Melissa Albert Publisher: Flatiron Books / 2024 Pages: 400   Four people have disappeared in a single night, and Nora's best friend, Becca, is one...

Book review: Malta and the Sicilian Vespers – Part 1

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:30 Last update: about 2 days ago Noel Grima

'I Vespri Siciliani' Author: Steven Runciman Publisher: Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli / 1976 Pages: 400   30 March 1282 was the day after Easter Sunday, Pasquetta as the...

Optimal Digestion with Altaflora Digestive Enzymes

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:25 Last update: about 2 days ago

In today's fast-paced world, ensuring effective digestion is essential for overall health. Altaflora Digestive Enzymes stands out as a dependable partner in promoting excellent digestive...

Malta inaugurates its first Neurodiversity Week

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:20 Last update: about 2 days ago

The Malta event is being organised by Malta's leading neurodiversity consultant, Joseph K. Muscat. He has been at the forefront of pioneering neurodiversity awareness within Malta's business landscape...

Giving a better life for people with epilepsy in Malta

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:20 Last update: about 2 days ago

Before our son's first seizure, I had a very vague idea of what epilepsy was, or at least, what a tonic clonic seizure looked like. I witnessed a seizure in the school cafeteria as a child and...

The nutritional powerhouse of pumpkin seeds

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 08:15 Last update: about 2 days ago

A pumpkin is a typical term used for a cultivated orange as well as round mature winter squash species and varieties belonging to Cucurbita genus, which has plenty of cultural and culinary importance....

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