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Count Your steps at the Special K pedometer walk

Malta Independent Thursday, 5 May 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

Walking is a gentle way to increase your daily exercise; it burns calories, tones muscles and raises metabolism. In conjunction with a healthy diet walking is great for shape management.

To encourage women to discover the benefits of walking Kellogg’s Special K is organising a walk along the Sliema sea front on Saturday. The Kellogg’s Special K pedometer walk starts at the Neptunes ASC and ends at the Melita Marina at Manoel Island. Everyone is invited to attend and free transport will be given back to Neptunes ASC after the walk.

The Special K pedometer, a small step counter, offers an ideal way to monitor one’s daily steps and can help motivate people to find new ways to increase their daily walking. For example try walking to work, use the stairs- not the lift or you could even get up to change the TV channel instead of using the remote control.

“As a company, Kellogg’s is committed towards meeting the needs of people everywhere and offering our best to consumers. Our research has shown us that with modern lifestyles people are finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to exercise – the pedometer offers an easy and simple way to increase your daily activity levels helping you feel and look great,” states Jenny Xydeas from Kellogg UK.

To help get things started Special K is offering 200 Kellogg’s pedometers to the first 200 persons who send in their details and present themselves for the pedometer walk. All those who would like to join in the Special K pedometer walk are to send their name, address, telephone/mobile number and ID card number by not later than tomorrow at 12 noon to [email protected] For further information, one may call on telephone number: 2124 3211 every day until tomorrow between 8am and 5pm.

Registration of event will take place between 1.30pm and 1.45pm at Neptunes ASC on Saturday. Walk starts at 2pm sharp. There will be various check points on the route. Prizes will be presented to the first two hundred who make it to the end of the walk.

From 9 May onwards you will be able to claim your free pedometer from your local grocer or supermarket with purchases of one 750g Special K pack + any two other Special K packs. Offer is available while stocks last.

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