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Oral Health means more than just an attractive smile!

Malta Independent Sunday, 15 May 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 13 years ago

It is important to practise good oral hygiene to complete the maintenance of one’s general well being. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is the first step, however this is not enough. It is also essential to make use of oral hygiene supplements as a complementary treatment to one’s daily cleansing routine. Studies show that oral infections originate from the lower part of the mouth. With mouthwashes the infection is not reached as it has a wash-out effect, thus not reaching the deeper areas of the throat. With the use of sublingual tablets, it is possible to gargle with water and have a wash-in effect. Sublingual action is also vital, since having a clean tongue is significant, so much so that now toothbrush companies have started to add a tongue brush on the backside of the toothbrush!

Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, have introduced a range of innovative and practical products for oral hygiene. Oralta C sublingual tablets are particularly effective to sustain mouth sanitation as they act on infections caused by the lower part of the oral cavity and the upper part of the trachea. Oralta C has no wash-out effect, as the sublingual tablets have to be kept under the tongue till they dissolve completely, providing a rapid onset of action and a prolonged treatment, as well as wash-in effect, since the active ingredients are actually swallowed.

Oralta C also helps at preventing oral infection when dental braces are worn. A great number of people suffer from chronic halitosis or bad breath. In most cases it originates from the gums, tongue or the lower part of the oral cavity. The odour is caused by bacteria from the decay of food particles, other debris in your mouth, and poor oral hygiene. Oralta C is particularly effective against breath problems, even when caused by strong smelling foods and beverages such as onion and coffee.

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