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Melita Cable Launches hello telephone service

Malta Independent Sunday, 3 July 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 12 years ago

Melita Cable announced that it will launch the first-of-its-kind telephony services during the International Trade Fair of Malta under the brand name hello. The service will enable its current TV and Internet subscribers to benefit from low cost international calls and free unlimited local intra network calls.

The hello network has been tried and tested over the past 12 months utilising the expertise of Melita’s partner UGC, a leading cable company operating similar networks in 13 countries across Europe. The network is reliable and the voice quality is excellent. hello is the first real low cost telephone service provider in Malta. The hello service will impact positively on each and every household in Malta that currently enjoys either a Melita Cable TV service or Onvol Internet service (or both) through substantial savings for both local and international costs.

“This is a very exciting time at Melita,” commented Joe Gasan, chairman of the Group. “Within months of launching our Digital TV platform we are now introducing the first-of-its-kind low cost telephone service in Malta. Our entry into the world of telephony services positions Melita as a leading communications company in Malta.”

Over the years Melita has been at the forefront in providing high-quality services to thousands of households in Malta. “It’s been a long but very stimulating journey so far,” Mr Gasan said. “In July 1992 we welcomed our first Cable TV subscriber, in December 2000 we provided Internet services to the first Onvol subscriber. Today we provide a service to over 100,000 subscribers and 20,000 Internet subscribers and the numbers continue to grow,” added Mr Gasan.

Melita now opens its doors to customers who want to avail themselves of low-cost, user friendly telephone service. hello provides customers with substantial savings on their local and international call rates, over Melita’s state-of-the-art infrastructure. hello will only be provided to current Melita Cable TV or Onvol Internet customers.

For the launch of its hello telephone service, Melita would like to reward its customers who over the years have shown loyalty to the company. “We exist to provide a service our customers,” commented Mr Gasan. “As we embark on this new project we want to thank all our existing customers for the support they have shown the company over the years. All our customers will benefit from a free upgrade on their current TV package till 30 September 2005,” concluded Mr Gasan.

The upgrade scheme provided by Melita works across all the TV packages available.

Subscribers on the Reception tier, who currently watch predominantly local programmes, will have four foreign channels included in their package at no extra cost. Entry tier subscribers, who currently enjoy 25 channels, will be automatically upgraded to the 38-channel Basic tier and Basic tier subscribers will be automatically upgraded to the Family Pack – a 55 channel package.

Family Pack subscribers are being offered the opportunity to either upgrade their analogue package or upgrade to a digital package at no extra cost.

Family Pack subscribers who decide to maintain their current analogue package and are not subscribed to any of Melita’s premium channels are being offered the Sports or Movie Channel for free. Those Family Pack subscribers who currently enjoy the programming of one of the premium channels are being offered the other for free.

Melita Digital subscribers will benefit from an automatic upgrade as well. All Melita Connect subscribers, who enjoy 69 digital TV and 50 digital radio channels, can upgrade to one of the premium packages for free. Subscribers already enjoying the programming of either Melita Sports or Melita Movies will automatically be upgraded to Melita World a package that includes Melita Sports and Movies. All the existing Melita World subscribers will receive an Lm10 credit on their next bill.

This summer Melita is rewarding all of its subscribers and providing them with a great opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in TV programming. Melita’s upgrade scheme is valid till 30 September. For further information regarding Melita’s upgrade offer, call 2149 0007 or visit Melita’s stand at the International Trade Fair.

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