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Rugby Cisk Lager Championship: Stompers clash with Kavallieri

Malta Independent Saturday, 17 March 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

Today will see another epic rugby battle as Stompers TGI Fridays face off against Kavallieri Blue Label for the fourth time this season. So far Stompers have triumphed twice in the match-ups, leaving Kavallieri hungry for revenge.

Pierre Azzopardi, Kavallieri’s coach said that his team are “jelled up and ready for this challenge.” His opposite number, Matthew Mirabelli, coach for Stompers, said that whilst his team has a few players away for the big game they have undergone a small re-shuffle and some re-training. With neither team having any injuries, today’s game looks to be a real clash of the titans.

The Cisk Lager Rugby Union Championship match starts at 3.15pm at the Marsa Rugby Ground, following a game at 1.30pm between Alligators Cisk and Hibernians Sharks.

This also looks to be a hard fought game, with the teams having met twice before, claiming a victory each. Sharks will surely be out for blood, having secured their first victory this season over Alligators. The result of the collision between these two great predators is bound to be spectacular.

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