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Earth Garden Festival – Tickets On sale as from today !

Malta Independent Sunday, 1 April 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 11 years ago

The Earth Garden Festival is to be held at the National Park Ta’ Qali on 5 and 6 May. Its aim is to promote environmental awareness. The message will materialise through various artistic forms, such as paintings, photography, music and drama. The artists who will be participating are all local artists. This is the secondary aim of the Earth Garden Festival: to serve as a showcase for artistic talent in Malta. The idea is to bring together the best local talent in traditional and world music, and to blend it with art, drama and film in order to create an exquisite atmosphere.

For its size, the huge artistic talent to be found in Malta is something that should make all Maltese proud. Within each artistic discipline there are a number of artists who have the talent to generate top quality creations. The Open Village will serve as a showcase for this talent and one need not purchase tickets to gain access to this area. The main activities here will take place during the day and they will serve as a preparation for the highlight of the festival, the special live performances at the Greek Theatre.

Unlike the Open Village, it is required to purchase tickets beforehand for the special live concerts to be held at the Greek Theatre, which start at 7pm. We all know what great names such as Renzo Spiteri, Etnika, and Tribali entail: outstanding performances, large crowds, and sold-out tickets. This time we are offering a festival where each of the above, along with Spooky Monkey and a drama performance by Penny in a Hat, come together in a single event. So to avoid disappointment, we urge you to get hold of your limited-audience tickets as soon as possible. Tickets only cost Lm6.50 per night, and a two-day block ticket can be bought at the special price of Lm10. Ticket sales start today, for more information visit

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