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Maltese Works in Esperanto

Malta Independent Sunday, 2 September 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

The Esperanto publishing house Mondial of New York has just published Dr Carmel Mallia’s Esperanto translation of Il-Holma Maltija, Frans Sammut’s novel about Mikiel Anton Vassalli. The title is La Malta Revo.

Dr Mallia began the translation in 1995 and finished it in six months; it comprises 309 pages. This translation took so much time to appear owing to the fact that the first publisher (from Brazil) had health problems and declined to continue working on it, so another publisher had to be found. This turned out to be Mondial of New York, that has already published translations into Esperanto of internationally known writers.

After reading the manuscript, Dr Marjorie Boulton, a writer and poet in Esperanto, said: “You have undertaken a colossal work and an interesting work about an interesting Maltese personage which may provide stimulating information to culture-minded esperantists.”

Dr Mallia is president of the Malta Esperanto-Societo and member of the Akademio de Esperanto.

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