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First Newborn at new hospital

Malta Independent Tuesday, 20 November 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 11 years ago

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, along with other officials, yesterday attended the official blessing of Mater Dei Hospital and had the opportunity to visit the wards and meet the first baby who was born in the morning.

Health Minister Louis Deguara, Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly Helen D’Amato and Parliamentary Secretary in the Finance Ministry Tonio Fenech were among those present.

The delegation was accompanied around the various hospital wards by Clyde Puli from the Foundation for Medical Services (FMS).

The ceremony started off with mass, celebrated by Archbishop Paul Cremona, who blessed the chapel and, during the homily, spoke about the importance of human dignity and the value of human life.

While visiting the Obstetrics Ward, Prime Minister Gonzi was introduced to one of the first two babies – both boys – born yesterday at around 11.30am in Mater Dei Hospital.

The boys, who are still unnamed, gazed around peacefully, oblivious to the barrage of camera flashes while Dr Gonzi and members of the delegation looked on, much to the pride of the father of one of them who was rocking his son gently.

“This is history – the first child born in this hospital,” said the prime minister.

New mothers shyly pushed forward the cots with their newborn babies to show them to Dr Gonzi and Mrs Kate Gonzi – who both cooed over each newcomer.

A total of 53 patients migrated from St Luke’s to Mater Dei Hospital from Wonderland, Disneyland, Obstetrics 1 and 3, Delivery Suite and Neonatal/Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU), Labour Ward, Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), Post-natal Ward, Ante-natal Ward.

One patient from the Intensive Therapy Unit was also transferred yesterday which is the eight day of migration.

The migrating in-patients were transferred to nine different Mater Dei wards and departments: ITU, Central Delivery Suite, Neonatal and Paediatric Care Unit, Gynaecology, Wonderland, Disneyland, Obstetric Ward 1, Obstetric Ward 2, Obstetric Ward.

At present there are 10 newborn babies and 14 mothers as the Obstetrics Ward holds the post and antenatal sections.

One midwife explained that there are two sets of twins, however, unfortunately one baby is with the mother while the other is in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

The prime minister then visited the Medical Wards and visited several of the patients there.

In a brief comment to the press, the prime minister said that Mater Dei Hospital is now finally a hospital that is working and curing people.

“It is a great satisfaction to visit the hospital and see everyone at work – we have to keep working on it,” he said.

Archbishop Cremona spoke about the value of human dignity and how people often find God when they are going through a difficult time.

“You can feel the dimension of the spirit in a very special way – the nurses and all those working here are giving their utmost,” he said.

Health Minister Deguara said that the visit around the new hospital was a great satisfaction and explained that they chose this day for the blessing because the large majority of the patients were transferred from St Luke’s Hospital.

“The enthusiasm here is infectious – not only from the medical staff but even from the patients,” said Dr Deguara.

He spoke about the visit, that took place after the blessing took place, by the Saudi Arabian parliamentary delegation and mentioned the possibility of cooperating between Malta and Saudi Arabia to start sending patients to Mater Dei.

“This hospital is a clear example of professionalism and sound investment,” he said.

This week the first open heart and neuro-surgeries are expected to take place at Mater Dei. As from next week, the operating theatres will be in full operation at Mater Dei including major surgery.

During the last 36 hours of operation at Mater Dei, almost 2,000 transactions were recorded on the Pneumatic Tube System and yesterday afternoon the total in-patient population at Mater Dei has today reached 380 patients.

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