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Halloween, Capturing the imagination

Malta Independent Thursday, 12 November 2009, 00:00 Last update: about 10 years ago

Considered pagan by many and frivolous by others, Halloween has, nevertheless captured the imagination of many people over the years and recently has been gaining popularity in Malta. As one of its innovative events the Manoel Theatre added a spectacular and scary illusion show followed by a ghost walk and a gothic rock concert at the Mediterranean Conference Centre with the bands Fire, Sepia and Nomadson.

The illusion show gave a unique chance to the public to see the talents of two Maltese illusionists' combined efforts. Brian Rolé, together with his partner Lola, and Vanni and Mary Anne Pulé gave an unforgettable performance of the art of illusion in six scenes expressing archetypal fears and macabre thrills.

Ghosts appeared and flew into the air, vampires were mutilated, decapitated and squashed into unbelievable proportions and witches were impaled. Brian Rolé and Lola presented a tribute to the great Houdini who died on Halloween night and who was fascinated by mediums and spirits. This included a rarely seen escape from a straitjacket that used to restrain violent madmen in the past. Another of their scenes featured a magical rendition of The Phantom of the Opera. Vanni and Mary Anne Pulé re-enacted various psychic manifestations like mind over matter, telepathy and premonition.

The show was introduced by actor Michael Tabone as Grand Master De Vilhena and was enhanced by the choreography of Alison White.

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