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Opening Castello Dei Baronimakes history more tangible

Malta Independent Saturday, 30 January 2010, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

Those opening Castello dei Baroni and bringing

this aspect of Maltese history to life had put their

money where their mouth was and were showing

they had utmost faith in the venture and

what Maltese tourism had to offer, Prime

Minister Lawrence Gonzi said yesterday.

Speaking during the opening of the new tourist

attraction, Castello dei Baroni in Wardija, Dr

Gonzi said that considering Malta’s size and the

fact it is so densely populated, it could boast of a

considerable number of tourists visiting its


Malta offered a unique experience, Dr Gonzi

said, as a showcase of history spanning some six

to seven thousand years.

2009 was not the best year for tourism, as challenges

abounded, but tourism had been a major

pillar of the economy in the past, and would

hopefully remain to be so in the future, as it was

one of the seven pillars of Vision 2015.

The Castello, so far a hidden historical treasure,

was built in 1783, during the time of Grand

Master Emanuel de Rohan Polduc. One of the

most exclusive wedding venues in Malta,

Castello dei Baroni has opened its grounds, and

the castle itself to the public.

A tour of the Castello, as it is affectionately

known, will begin with a virtual panoramic history

of the Knights of Saint John, who played a

major part in Maltese history. After that guests

are taken on a guided tour of the Castello, which

includes an explanation of its origins and what

the Knights may have used it as.

Several rooms have been recreated, including

the Grand Masters bedroom and the Supreme

Council Chamber, to give visitors a real feel of

what it might have been like at the time.

The Castello, which will be open for viewing

between Monday and Friday, is set to become

one of Malta’s foremost tourist attractions, as

the first tourist attraction in Malta to offer displays

of ancient pastimes and sports, such as falconry.

Dr Gonzi said that any initiative which brought

out the beauty of Malta’s history deserved the

government’s full support, and added that

notwithstanding the past year, Malta was looking

to the future with optimism.

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